We bring unstructured and disorganized data to life in a way that resonates with our client’s core constituents.


Founders Josh Levin and Greg Holiat built Cascade Data Labs upon years of industry expertise helping fortune 500 companies leverage their data and technology stack to inform key business strategies and uncover high-value opportunities. They’ve seen both the pitfalls and the big wins that come with mining and utilizing large volumes of digital data. After building and leading highly successful teams under the umbrella of a top global firm, Josh and Greg formed Cascade Data Labs to develop an agency focused on data science, digital analytics and advancing the field.

Our Agency

Our data science team possesses both an analytical mindset as well as the necessary programming skills to work with data in any condition. We are technology agnostic and utilize programming languages and modeling techniques that make sense to solve the core business problems. While the methodology used to solve a business problem may be extremely complex, the presentation of the results needs to be clear and consumable by all stakeholders or the value of the work can quickly be lost. We understand how executives consume key findings and our team knows how to get there without compromising analytics ethics and principles.

How we work with our clients

Our goal is to develop long-lasting partnerships with our clients fueled by exceptional work quality and a seamless working relationship. We can provide the end-to-end expertise needed to execute a large project reducing the need to work with multiple vendors. Successful client relationships often start small and scale up as our client’s needs evolve over time.