Analytics projects are complex and siloed execution models have multiple points of failure.

To be successful, your business needs…

Strategy Focused On Business Context And Actionability

Strategy Focused on Business Context and Actionability

KPIs That Cut Through The Noise

KPIs That Cut Through the Noise

Sophisticated Metric Logic Translated To Production Code

Sophisticated Metric Logic Translated to Production Code

Creative Solutions Recognizing Data Architecture Limitations

Creative Solutions Recognizing Data Architecture Limitations

KPI Development

What are the best metrics to uncover issues in your business or determine a strategy’s success?

Digital Measurement Strategy

Where and how should you collect website or app data to facilitate reporting and analysis?

Deep Dive Analysis

What factors drive your business and what actionable recommendations will improve your bottomline?

Dashboard and Data Product Automation

How can you organize your data and develop interactive analysis tools to pre-empt ad hoc questions and increase your analysts’ speed to insight?

Data Science & Big Data

How can you integrate cutting-edge technology and algorithms into every step of your analytics practice?